Nothing Evolves Once

Look back on evolutionary history, we see that no being evolved once and took lasting form. Each one developed from something else. All species continue to change. Evolution tests many options. The unsuccessful ones die out, the successful ones continue. We can’t say “succeed,” because even those strategies that are replicated will be subject to change.

Can we apply that thought to our own lives? None of us failed to develop from our younger selves. As we age, we changed. In fact, time is the measure of our progress and transformation. If time has passed for us, then we moved and we therefore changed.

What that means as a personal lesson is that we shouldn’t be discouraged by where we are today. We can tally our failures and choose not to replicate them. When we jettison our shortcomings, the likelihood that we move closer to who we want to be becomes stronger. When we bolster our good qualities, we evolve to higher levels. Every tomorrow is hopeful: there will be many possibilities that we can change for the better.

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