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From People Who Have Taken The Workshops

Deng Ming-Dao teaches with kindness, compassion, and an eye for guiding the students in his classes to understanding that which he is bringing forth to teach. Through supplementary notes, class recordings, and ample time for Q and A.. he provides the student with everything they need to learn. The student only need to bring the desire to do so. In these classes, everything is provided to make that at home practice possible.

—Nikki S.
Sifu Ming-Dao is one of the finest teachers I have had the honor to take classes from. He has deep and comprehensive knowledge of Taijiquan and Qigong, and provides the philosophical background, history, and foundations along with the forms. He is infinitely patient and considerate of all levels of students. I have rarely learned so much from a class as I have from the classes taken from him.
—Lisa P.
Deng Ming-Dao has a very clear way of demonstrating and explaining each of the movements of Tai Chi and Qigong. His extensive knowledge of the Taoist philosophies and teachings aids us in more truly understanding the inner work and meanings behind each of the movements. He understands and expresses very well the martial arts aspects as well as the inner meanings of each class for us to ask questions. If you are looking for a very skilled, knowledgeable, credible and excellent martial arts teacher for Taijiquan (Tai Chi Ch’uan) and/or Qigong (Chi Gung), I would highly recommend Deng Ming-Dao.
—Babette T.
A thoroughly comprehensive series taught in a calm, competent, and easy-to-follow manner. Deng Ming-Dao is attuned to his students and gracefully structures each session in a way that makes learning accessible, enjoyable, and deeply meaningful. Each class builds upon the last, and the video tutorials are so helpful in supporting individual practice and refinement between the session. I am grateful for the opportunity of this learning; thank you.
— Amy R.
My relationship to martial arts has transformed and I continue to learn and grow in my practice each day. There were pieces missing before -not just skills, but my own sense of the value and love I could have to Taiji and Qigong. I am a better student, a healthier person, and my appreciation for these forms continues to expand. Thank you, Ming-Dao.

— Ashley F.

The opportunity to learn from a master and actually see the flow of energy in the forms was amazing. Working with Ming-Dao in this way combined several forces together as we learned deeply about the practices he showed us. We worked on the physical level; learning how each movement strengthened and brought energy to different parts of our body. We worked at the spiritual level, understanding the Tao principles and how the cycles of nature applied to the cycles of life, and, in turn, how this applied to the Tai Chi forms as were made aware of the circular nature of the movements. We worked on our understanding of the longevity of life and how the chi is all around us and that we can access this at any time. Ming-Dao has the ability to challenge the mind as well as our hearts. In the last session, we practiced every movement and he continued to remind us that we are all well, we are all progressing, we are all part of the continuous flow of energy and life. I don’t think there are words to express the grace and insight provided by Ming-Dao. I am grateful that he is called to teach in this way.

— Claudia B.
Thank you for an amazing series. I love that you shared the insight and understanding into each movement. I can feel the difference in my body after each time I go through a section. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge so freely.
— Else D.
Series one gave me tools to have a personal practice of Qigong and Taiji. Deng Ming-Dao taught in a way that emphasized the purpose of each move, often bringing in the martial application, historical background, and the life metaphors. I enjoyed and looked forward to every class.
— Lynn K.
It was an honor to participate in this class with Ming-Dao. He was brilliant in providing a teaching to everyone, regardless of their experience or physical abilities and demonstrated skill and sensitivity to those differences. Although my goal was to learn the Taiji forms, a lifetime endeavor, the benefit of having the additional teachings of Qigong, breathing, and the muscle classic is immediate. These can be incorporated into my life immediately. I appreciated his related teachings of the purpose and benefits of these forms.

— Jane A.

Deng Ming-Dao showed tremendous empathy and care with his new Taiji Series 1 students; it was just what I needed! What an exciting and informative experience that anyone, at any level would benefit from.
— Marlene M.
I appreciate the amount of heart and thought Ming-Dao brought to his teachings. Also, the opportunity for students to gain understanding of the reasons behind each move and the benefits as well to our whole being. Thank you!
— Michele N.
Deng Ming-Dao provides an excellent and comprehensive teaching in Qigong and the Taiji form, along with insight into the history and purpose of the movements. His teaching style is slow enough for most beginner students to follow, but still specific enough for advanced students to gain more detail. I look forward to future classes!
— Theresa A.

I’m not sure I even have the words to express. As long as I continue with the practice regularly I feel a calmness in my being, my body, that I have never experienced before. I am so grateful to learn from a true master. I see the subtle difference from our prior teachers to Ming-Dao’s teaching. A subtle difference of true art. A true professional in every way shape and form. I am deeply inspired to be my best self, to feel nature, and to notice the world around me in a  circular motion.

— Yolanda O.
It was delightful and inspiring to be able to learn from a master. Deng Ming-Dao’s ways of teaching are clear, calming, and graceful. This session opened my eyes to an unknown world and lit a fire in me. It taught me a number of Qigong exercises and practices and the 24-Form of Taiji including the philosophy behind them—all of which I will be able to carry into my daily life.
— Carolin H.
The clarity of the teaching as outstanding. Deng Ming-Dao’ teaching style made the material accessible in a way that is an excellent foundation for continued learning and practice. His ability to encourage students to start where they are, and to provide practical advice on how to approach any perceived limitations, was a gift.
— Polly H.
Thank you for teaching with clarity, simplicity, and kindness. It makes achieving the Taijiquan 24 Directions a possibility for people like me who can be a little intimidated at trying to learn something so beautiful and at first mysterious. Thank you for opening the door, I feel this is only the beginning of learning about a whole different world of awareness.
— Mariko S.

Thank you for your wonderful clear teachings of your series one workshop. I love the pace at which you moved through your teaching, it made these moves accessible for me. This practice, your teachings are something I will carry with me the rest of my life. I already feel the great benefit in my mind and my body. Thank you Ming-Dao.

—Jeanne R.
This Series has been both enlightening and immensely informative. your ability to link the movement with the teachings is the powerful connection that has been missing for me. I am truly thankful and grateful for your teaching and I know this will be a part of my life always.
— Nancy L.
I am honored to have the opportunity to be taught by a legitimate martial arts master. I learned not only the forms, but the purpose and meaning behind the forms. Coupled with the philosophy of the Tao, we are learning a whole system that integrates body, heart, mind, and being. Thank you Ming-Dao.

— Joanne M.


Deng Ming-Dao is a true master and a great teacher. He teaches the form, explains the body connections, and gives the gift of a daily practice that creates true benefit.
— Jeanne G.
Thank you so much for this course. I have practiced Tai Chi for about fifteen years. This course really refreshed and reinvigorated my practice during a time of severe stress in my life. I believe in the Way and that my Tai Chi/meditation practice helps me live my life going on/with the Way vs. going against the stream. I look forward to more classes.
— Carol S.
One of the benefits from doing the warm-ups each day is that a nagging hip pain that I’ve dealt with for a year has disappeared!
— Joan T.
Thank you so much for this class. It was extraordinarily well planned and structured. You managed to fit so. much information into just ten sessions. For me, it was worth it for the warm up exercises alone. Which of course is just the warm up. These exercises are actually more conditions exercises than warm up exercises for me at this stage in my life. I need to be pretty warmed up already before doing them. I practiced a version of the Yang style short form. The Tai Chi 10 gives me a whole new perspective on my practice. I feel like I have only just touched the surface of the Tai Chi 10 and don’t yet know where it will take me. The Longevity Qigong is the big prize for me. I love it. It’s so simple and straightforward, and so complex. And really unlike any other Qigong I have learned. It’s like I have won the trifecta. Thank you so much.

— Eleanor M.

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